Slow tunes

At the 2019 camp, participants voted on their favourite slow tunes.  If you learn the following Top 10, we can guarantee they’ll be played at the slow tune sessions at camp. Follow the links to see sheet music.

Ook Pik Waltz
Hommage till En Spelman
Beth’s Fiddle Scarf
Josefin’s Waltz
Trip to Pakistan
Rosbif Waltz (Am version)
Planxty Hewlett (D version)
Coleman’s March
Flatwater Fran
Crested Hens

More tunes that are also regularly played in our slow sessions:

Air Tune
Eagle’s Whistle
Hut on Staffin Island
l’Air Mignonne
Midnight on the Water
Planxty Fanny Power
Princess Royal
Sweetness of Mary
Dark Island
Breton Waltz