Welcome to the 3rd year of this great camp situated in the magnificent Kosciuszko National Park. The dates are Friday 12 to Wednesday 17 January 2018. Come and enjoy 4 days and 5 nights of workshops, sessions and great company.

Your hosts are musicians Dave O’Neill & Jo Cresswell and we welcome new tutor this year Lindsay Martin.

Two classes will be offered for multi-instruments based on learning tunes. One class will be for people who feel they are slower at picking up tunes by ear.  The alternate class will be for people who learn by ear quickly.  An accompaniment option will also be offered.  Your tutors for both classes will be Dave O’Neill and Lindsay Martin who will teach one session a day with each class group.  The music at camp will focus on Irish with meanderings into French Canadian, Cape Breton and Scottish tunes.

We will be staying in a lodge situated in stunning country at Charlotte Pass Village. It is a 1.5 hour drive from Cooma or 2.5 hour drive from Canberra.

Dave and Jo are also running a music trip to France in 2017.  For details see:    www.francewalks.com

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sharon, In the multi instrument class you can bring any instrument (well maybe not bagpipes…. ) as long as you are used to playing tunes. Jeremy and Dave have specific experience in stringed instruments so can give you specific help on strings. ciao, jo


  2. Hi Dave & Jo, is this more suited for advanced level players, or it it OK for intermediate level as well.


  3. Hi, We’re really targetting it at intermediate players though that is fairly broad from ‘slow intermediate to advanced intermediate’ if you get my drift. The ‘slow session’ each day will add an additional place for less competent players to get nourished and the evening sessions will pick up the pace for the more competent players. ciao, jo


  4. Hi Dave & Jo, thinking about travel – what time do activities start on the Friday (15th) and what time is wind up in Tuesday morning.


  5. Hi Paul. We start with dinner and session 7pm Friday though you are welcome to arrive from 2pm. On Tuesday we need to be out of the lodge by 10am. Jo


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