FAQ – Learning by ear

I’m not certain I can learn tunes by ear

Below are some sound files of the Kesh Jig being taught by ear. In general, in the easier class, the teachers will teach in one or two bar (rather than 8 bar) phrases, going over the phrases a number of times, indicating what note you are starting on, and giving you clues and cues about what to do next (run up the scale, here’s a little arpeggio down).   If you can manage this you should be able to learn tunes this way in the camp environment.  It gets easier with practice.

The Kesh Jig played slowly all the way through with count in

Part A played slowly and then looped 4 times (so you can try it over and over)  little skip in the middle sorry!

Part B played slowly and then looped for 4 repetitions (same little skip because of looping )

At Full Speed twice through