2016 Slow Session Tunes

The list below is transcribed from the slow session boards.  The hyperlinks take you to a version on thesession.org

This may or may not be the version that was taught or played.  If you have a better version let Sharon know and she’ll link to it – or upload a PDF.



Midnight on the Water

Star of County Down

Manx Lullaby

Harvest Home

The Sally Gardens

Norwegian Waltz

Soldiers Joy

Princess Royal



Scotsman over the border

Micho Russell’s Mason’s Apron

Brosna Slide Set

Breton Waltz

Air Tune

Gypsy Princess

Princess Royal

Flooded Road to Glenties

Camel’s Hump

Josefin’s Waltz

Fleur de Madragore

Coleman’s March

High Reel

Miller’s Maggot

Norwegian Waltz

Tommy People’s


Green Mountain Man (Lynches no 1)

Tobin’s Fancy

Lover’s Waltz

Moreton Bay

Flatwater Fran

Musical Priest Set

Road to Errogie

Norwegian Waltz

The Miller’s Maggot

Seanambhuc Tube Station

The Wide Maid

The Leprechaun

Behind the Haystack